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Sam Garrett & Mollie Mendoza

In Concert

In Concert - A JOURNEY… INTO SOUND, INTO SILENCE, Into celebration

mit Sam Garrett & Mollie Mendoza

Sam Garrett & Mollie Mendoza are gathering together with those who are called to grow, enquire and seek deep connection.
Mollie Mendoza has been sharing practices of Embodiment, Mindfulness, Sound and Ceremony for the last 4 years. She is dedicated to finding tools that empower each individual to move in their own unique rhythm, and to begin a new, more compassionate conversation with themselves and others.
Her classes and ceremonies explore the Art of Practice, Empowerment, Creativity and Connection through working with themes of Ahimsa (compassion/non-violence), mindfulness, and Seva (Service), with an intention to deepen the sense of grounding inside ones Self.
She welcomes vulnerability as strength and an honest, raw expression of the dimensions involved in developing practice, from struggles to learning.
“These practices have been life changing, and I am passionate about sharing the immense joy they bring me with others.” — Mollie
Sam Garrett is a musician whose journey has led him to use sound as a way to inspire healing and spark curiosity. Lyrically soulful, and devotionally talented, he harnesses the power of words, messages and melodies to enliven our exploration into openness and love of life.
Sam has released two EPs, Be Easy, and Namaste, and his first studio album, Grace was released in 2017.  His newest album, 'The Dance & The Wonder', explores the tender journey through love, devotion, and growth.
With a skilful combination of vocals and guitar, Sam lifts the mood with his unique reggae style and mantras, whilst also soothing busy minds with soft devotional melodies. This offers a unique journey and depth that is rare to experience.
“Creating music and sound is my call for peace, connection and compassion.” — Sam
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