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Maegan Garbott / DJ Alma ∞ Omega

Cyclical Dance-Wave 'AbunDance'

Cyclical Dance-Wave 'AbunDance' "Into the Rhythym of your life"

mit Maegan Garbott / DJ Alma ∞ Omega & Thea Hann (Accustic Guitar)

AbunDance Cyclical Dance-Wave is a journey into Music, Dance, Embodiment & Stillness:  harnessing the powers of our dances to express the infinite wisdom & beauty of our body & souls...DJ Alma ∞ Omega will lead us through an embodied-warm up, followed by a colorful tapestry of musical beats, closing with a live chill-out.
Alma ∞ Omega dedicates her life to weaving the succulent strands of Music, Dance, Embodiment, Connection & Community as an offering of joy & purpose. With the wide-spectrum of her creative-soul-driven offerings, her drive is to serve the (collective/individual) healing of the past, help midwife the emergent- juicy-present of transformative-cultures, all while keeping in mind the wider vision, for future generations to come. Alma ∞ Omega has been studying and deepening her knowledge of the healing-realms for over 20 years, ALONGSIDE her passion & love for underground-electronic-music, house-culture, art, embodied-dance & ritual...
Thea Hann is a german medicine singer and musician. She sings medicine songs from different cultures alongside own compositions. Being blessed to learn and explore in different ceremonial environments, she feels deeply connected to the Gift of Prayer, which she loves to share through ritual and words, as well as her music and singing. The fine vibration of her voice invites to dive deep & to let Yourself be carried by the waves of sound right into the source, into peace."
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